Mist Systems

Supplying watermist fire suppression systems to domestic and commercial properties throughout Middlesex, Residential Sprinklers are here to advise you and support you with your choice of fire protection equipment. We provide the latest industry approved water mist systems designed to preserve life and protect properties in the event of a fire.

A water mist system provides an extra level of protection, working in partnership with smoke, fire detectors and other types of fire detection and suppression equipment. Essential for fire protection in domestic homes, modern water mister systems have provided essential support by protecting life and property for many years, they can be critical in commercial and industrial environments.

We can install the latest water mist solutions to give you the greatest chance of escape and rescue, with FREE quotes available for fire suppression solutions on 0208 864 3914.

Control fires at an early stage

Watermist nozzles give you a greater advantage in the control of fires. Install a water mist extinguisher as part of your fire detection and protection system and this operates at an earlier stage in the development of a fire, giving you a bigger advantage and helping you to control the fire much sooner.

It is widely recognised that a large number of deaths from fire occur in the home, hence the need for a watermist fire suppression system for residential and domestic occupancies. Our mist systems are designed to give you greater control by suppressing and containing fires at their early stages.

Advantages of water mist systems

  • Works in partnership with other fire detection/fire suppression systems
  • Suppresses fires in early stage of development
  • Activates alarm for earlier warnings
  • Reduces heat and smoke
  • Gives you more time to escape to safety

Adhere to DD 8458-1:2010

DD 8458 Draft for Development presumes that the watermist fire suppression system will form part of an integrated fire safety system as part of the building design. We can ensure you have a correctly installed misting system fitted to the best quality and adhering to all industry standards here at Residential Sprinklers.

Designed, installed and correctly maintained, your watermist system will detect, suppress and control a fire in the early stages, giving you an audible alarm. A fully operational system will reduce heat and smoke, allowing you more time to evacuate a building and rescue the people inside.

For more details about a water mist system in Buckinghamshire or to receive a free quote for system installations or maintenance, pleased contact us by calling 0208 864 3914.