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Water mist fire suppression systems have become increasingly popular over the past few years, but many people still don’t know exactly what water mist systems are. This fixed fire protection system works by discharging water through a specially designed nozzle that diffuses the water into a fine spray of very small micro droplets to produce a mist that displaces oxygen from a fire and suppresses heat. By lowering the temperature, reducing oxygen concentration and lessening the radiated heat, the fire is extinguished.

So how do water mist fire suppression systems compared to sprinkler systems, and which is right for you?

Water mist systems Vs. Sprinkler systems

There are a number of differences between sprinkler systems and water mist systems that you need to know before you decide which option is best you four needs.

  • Water mist systems use less water than sprinkler systems – This mean property damage and clean up is quicker and less expensive with water mist systems.
  • A micro droplet from a water mist system has a surface area more than 100 times larger than a droplet from a sprinkler system, providing you with a more effective fire suppression rate.
  • ‘Smoke washing’, where particles of smoke are trapped by micro droplets and fall to the floor, essentially eliminating the spread of smoke.
  • Water mist systems are well-suited to smaller spaces, whereas sprinklers are often used over larger areas.
  • Water mist can be blown away by draughts, air conditioning, open windows or doors, so are generally used where ventilation isn’t available.

The advantages of water mist systems

Water mist systems provide you with a wide range of benefits as a method of controlling fire in your building. No chemicals are used, just water and unlike gas fire suppression methods, there’s no risk of asphyxiation. The fact that water mist systems use less water not only makes them less damaging to your property, but is environmentally-friendlier too.

To discuss having a water mist fire suppression system installed in your property, don’t hesitate to call the team at Residential Sprinklers on 0208 864 3914 today.

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