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It’s a worrying statistic but over 50% of domestic house fires are caused by electrical devices which are either faulty or subject to misuse. Many of these items are located in the kitchen, but other areas of the house can be at risk, and this can lead to devastating consequences. Without suitable fire protection, your loved ones and your property will be in danger if there is an electrical fire. Whilst this is understandably worrying, there are precautions you can take, and a domestic sprinkler system would be the perfect place to start.

Be sensible, and consider fire safety around your home to keep you and your loved ones safe.

Have your electrics tested

If it’s been a number of years since you last had your home electrics checked, have this done as a matter of urgency. It’s recommended you do this every ten years to ensure everything is in good working order, and there are no potential dangers with your home electrics. Don’t rely on the safety of the electrics if you are moving home either. Even if the circuit breaker looks new, and the previous owner says they had a rewire recently, it’s certainly worth getting the electrics checked over for your own peace of mind.

Never overload sockets

Avoid plugging too many appliances into one socket at once. It can be tempting to use multi-way plug-in adaptors for convenience, but this can lead to overloading issues, especially with electrical appliances with a high current rating, such as kettles and heaters. Use bar extension leads instead of block adaptors to prevent the socket from overheating. If you regularly use extensions or adaptors, it might be worth having additional sockets installed to prevent fire risks in the future.

Look for visual warnings

Before using electrical appliances, take a look at the flex and the plug to ensure they are both in good condition. If the flex shows any sign of wear, has exposed wiring, or seems perished at all, avoid using the appliance. Make sure the plug is firmly attached to the cable, isn’t loose, or shows any physical signs of damage. If you have any doubts, remove the appliance from service altogether and either have it repaired or get it replaced.

Be careful with portable heaters in the winter

As the winter months set in the temperature starts to plummet and people look at additional ways to stay warm. Electric heaters are popular options but they have to be used with caution to avoid any type of danger. Keep clothing, paper and anything flammable away from the heat source to avoid the risk of combustion. Make sure the heater is stable and surefooted when it is being used, and never leave it switched on overnight, or anytime you are away from your property.

Great care should be taken with any electrics around the home and this is especially true of electrical appliances. In the event of a fire caused by a faulty appliance, domestic sprinklers and watermist fire suppression systems could be critical for preserving life and protecting properties.

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