Domestic Fire Sprinklers Made Easy: What You Need to Know

Home fire sprinkler systems have been designed to specifically save lives and minimise the devastating effects of fire damage that can occur all too easily in a housefire.  They work by spraying water to suppress or extinguish the fire when the heat raises the temperature of the air within a short time of the fire starting, and this helps to prevent the fire spreading to different rooms of the house.

A tried and tested technology, fire sprinklers have saved many lives and prevented countless disasters in countries around the world. They work incredibly well in both flats and houses and give you an extra line of defence against fire, alongside other safety features such as smoke detectors.

What you need to know about your home fire sprinkler system

Your home fire sprinkler system will be set up with access to a water supply, either a water tank or from the mains supply. If your sprinkler system is connected to a water tank, the tank will either be installed inside your home (most commonly in the loft) or outside the property.

Hidden pipework is installed to supply water to the sprinklers, much like the pipework that transports water to your taps and household appliances. Sprinkler heads are often hidden by small, circular flat plates, so you don’t have to worry about your home sprinkler system ruining the look and feel of your home.

Should a fire occur in your home, the only sprinklers that will release water will be those where the surrounding air has reached the ‘operation temperature’, which tends to be in the immediate vicinity of the fire.

Why you should have a home fire sprinkler system

Home fire sprinkler systems have proven themselves to be a highly effective method of preventing the spread of fire, both in apartment blocks and houses. They’re highly efficient at detecting fire, and greatly reduce its impact, leading to far fewer injuries and deaths and less fire damage.

All you need to do is have your home fire sprinkler systems serviced on an annual basis by qualified engineers, and it’ll effectively help to prevent fires breaking out in your home for many years.

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