Fire Hydrants & Dry Risers


Residential Sprinklers have a wealth of expertise for the installation, maintenance and servicing of dry risers. If you own or manage a multi-storey building and require a routine service, repair or general upkeep of a water hydrant riser, we can help.    


What exactly is a dry riser?


A dry riser is a vertical pipe that extends to the upper levels of a building. Sometimes this can be a system of pipes and valves reaching out to the upper storeys of multi-level properties, providing a service outlet on each floor.


The purpose of dry riser systems is simple. If there is a fire, the Fire Brigade are able to connect their hoses straight to the riser for immediate access to water on all floors. Helping to fight fires, dry riser systems are a speedy and highly effective solution. They deliver water quickly and put the fire service in a stronger, safer position to fight and control fires.


Maintaining water hydrants and riser systems    


In the UK, any dry riser installation is governed by the 2000 Building (Minimum Standards) Regulations. They stipulate water riser installations are mandatory in multi-story buildings with floors over eighteen metres above ground level.      


Systems of this nature require regular maintenance. British Standards recommend a visual inspection of dry riser systems every six months, with full testing once a year to ensure the equipment is ready for use in any emergency situations.


This is something we specialise in at Residential Sprinklers. We are highly experienced at testing, installing and servicing dry risers, offering BS5306 and BS9990-compliant maintenance for your hydrant and riser system.     


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