Incredible Sprinkler Systems to Protect Soho Residents

Residential Sprinklers is located in Soho, providing first class sprinkler systems to all homes and businesses in the area and surrounding locations. We are committed to providing reliable and effective equipment that is compliant with all regulations and industry standards.

With different sprinkler systems on offer, our team of experts offer a first-class service that is tailored to each customer. Residential Sprinklers ensures that every sprinkler system is installed correctly and works efficiently. We provide customers with the guaranteed peace of mind that their property is protected.

Domestic Sprinklers in Soho

There is an estimated population of around three thousand people in the Greater London district of Soho. Our friendly team is dedicated to ensuring that Soho residents remain safe. We understand the importance of having a sprinkler system in your home, to protect your property and your family in the event of a fire. Residential Sprinklers offer a range of sprinkler systems to suit all types of residential properties in Soho, from small apartments to large detached homes. With over fourty years of experience, we can source, install and test sprinkler systems within your home easily and competently.

Commercial Sprinklers in Soho

London can attract over twenty million international tourists each year. A proportion of these are driven to the vibrancy of Soho. If you’re a business owner in Soho, your property should be able to operate safely and without the worry of a fire related emergency. At Residential Sprinklers, we understand the importance of fire safety and how sprinkler systems can be a life-saving tool. Our systems are designed to effectively protect your business and its occupants.

Why Choose Residential Sprinklers?

Sprinkler systems have been used in U.K. properties for over one hundred years now. They are an effective way to eradicate the impacts of fire emergencies and help create a safe, protected environment.

Whether you are looking for a sprinkler system for a domestic or commercial property in Soho, there are a multitude of benefits to working with Residential Sprinklers

  • We commend ourselves for providing top quality workmanship and have a portfolio of experience which spans over four decades. You can be assured that our team can match your needs and your property with the best sprinkler installation available.
  • Sprinkler systems are the most used method to control fires in properties. With access to the latest technologies, we can provide you with the most reliable and efficient system available to ensure protection.
  • Residential Sprinklers provides aftercare services for our clients. We deeply care about the connections we make and the work we complete. We want to make sure you are satisfied and fire safety is our utmost priority.

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