Tailored & Concealed Expert Domestic Sprinkler Systems


There’s a growing need for domestic sprinkler systems in the UK. Demand is at an all-time high, and the popularity of residential sprinkler heads is only going to strengthen further, thanks mainly to the introduction of ‘document B’ and building control which requests homeowners and land developers to install life-saving solutions.

Thankfully we can install domestic sprinkler heads to property owners in Middlesex and throughout the whole of the country, fitting systems that are discreet yet vital for safety within the home. At Residential Sprinklers we know how critical these systems are to people and property.

Building control officers demand category 1 domestic sprinklers are installed to BS9251:2014 but what does this mean? 

Sprinkler systems have to comply with the latest industry standards. Our systems do, to ensure they are totally compliant with the latest standards we always ensure they fulfil the following criteria:

  • Sprinkler heads professionally installed in all areas, excluding wet rooms under 5 square meters and storage space under 2 square meters
  • Constant water supply ready to feed the sprinkler system
  • Alarm device either electrical or mechanical which triggers at first sign of danger

All of the residential and concealed sidewall sprinkler systems we supply and install are designed to work with the greatest efficiency. They operate with 1 or 2 sprinklers for a period of 10 minutes at the minimum flow rate required.  

System requirements for any project typically involve:

  • Drawings issued to our designer in a DWG format (AutoCad) or equivalent to allow the design to be carried out
  • We will consult with your architect & coordinate lighting and any other services (if applicable)
  • Our engineers will install 1st fix pipework above ceiling
  • Sprinkler heads are fitted to suit, leaving a protective cover to allow for ceiling to be installed
  • The control valve will be fitted ready for connection to the incoming utility main or from the booster pump set. 

All of our domestic sprinkler solutions are tailored to the site requirements of our customers and installed to the highest standards by competent workmen.

To find out how our automatic sprinkler heads can make a difference to the safety of your home, contact us today and ask for a FREE quote by calling 0800 999 3914.


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