Commercial & Domestic Fire Sprinklers in Holborn


We’re Holborn’s fire sprinkler specialists with over 40 years of experience providing homes and businesses in London with efficient, cost-effective and essential fire safety sprinklers. We have a wealth of expertise from working with a broad range of customers and implementing countless sprinkler systems for a range of different types of buildings.

From residential homes in Holborn to flats and apartments, care homes, schools, high rise buildings and flats, our team have been able to carry out some of the highest quality installation and maintenance services available.


Our Fire Sprinkler Systems


Fire safety sprinklers have been proved to hugely reduce the risk of losses caused by fires, compared with unprotected buildings.


We provide homes and businesses in Holborn with:

  • Dry rinsers
  • Hydrants
  • Commercial sprinklers
  • Domestic sprinklers


Commercial Sprinklers


We work to help businesses across Holborn keep their employees and colleagues safe as well as stay up-to-scratch with building regulations.

As well as providing installation, maintenance and servicing of sprinkler systems for businesses in Holborn, we also work with landlords to ensure that their tenants are protected if a fire does occur. Our commercial clients trust us to provide tailored designs to cover every inch of their property, collaborating with architects and building administrators to make sure every step is taken care of.


Domestic Sprinklers

Homes across Holborn and surrounding areas rely on our experienced and qualified team of fire sprinkler experts to install, maintain, and service sprinkler systems for their peace of mind.


Why us?

We’re the go-to for homeowners across Holborn and are trusted by our customers to provide the highest quality sprinkler system installation, maintenance, replacement, and service. Thanks to over 40 years in the industry, we have a depth of knowledge that means we can put your mind at ease.


Get in Touch

To get a quote or start your project with us, get in touch with our friendly and approachable team of experts. We’re on hand to provide ongoing support as well as detailed, knowledgeable advice to every one of our customers.

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