Complex Residential Sprinkler Needs Made Simple


All residential care homes and large residential complexes should consider installing a Category 2 or 3 residential sprinkler system to prevent the spread of fire. With London alone responding to over 500 care home and sheltered accommodation fires every year, fire prevention and sprinkler systems can save the lives of the most vulnerable people in society.


Residential sprinkler system installation Middlesex

At Residential Sprinklers, we’re seeing Document B and Building Regulations dramatically increasing the need for residential sprinkler systems throughout the UK. Home owners and developers are installing residential sprinkler systems that comply with building control officers’ insistence of BS9251:2014.


BS9251:2014 compliant residential sprinkler systems Middlesex

For your residential sprinkler system to comply to BS9251:2014, they will have to meet the following specifications:


  • Sprinkler heads in all areas, excluding wetrooms under 5sqm and storage space under 2sqm.
  • A water supply to feed the sprinkler system.
  • Either an electrical or mechanical alarm device


Our residential sprinkler systems are designed to operate between 2-4 sprinklers for a period of 30 minutes at the minimum calculated flow rate.


Why trust Residential Sprinklers for your residential sprinkler system?

When you come to Residential Sprinklers for your Category 2 or 3, we’ll keep you updated throughout our entire process, so you know exactly what’s happening at every point:


  • Drawings will be given to our designer in either a DWG format (AutoCad) or an equivalent format, allowing us to start designing your system.
  • We will co-ordinate with and consult your architect ensure your lighting and other services are accounted for.
  • Our team of engineers will then install the 1st fix pipework above the ceiling and the sprinkler heads.
  • We will then install a protective cover to allow your ceiling to be installed easily, with your new sprinkler system in place.
  • Finally, we’ll fit the control valve, ready for connection to the incoming town’s main of from the booster main.


For more information about our Middlesex residential sprinkler systems for care homes, sheltered accommodation and large homes, don’t hesitate to call 0800 999 3914 or get in touch with us today.

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