Expert Service & Maintenance of Fire Sprinkler Systems

Fire Sprinkler Systems in Middlesex require regular servicing and ongoing maintenance to ensure they are safe and comply with strict legal requirements. Here at Residential Sprinklers, we offer sprinkler system maintenance and have servicing agreements available to cover any type of automatic sprinkler system in Middlesex, just call us for our expert assistance.

It doesn’t matter if you have a residential sprinkler system in or out of the warranty period, we can help. 

Book servicing, maintenance or a fire sprinkler repair with us and our professional team of engineers will ensure your system is tested and serviced to the highest possible standards.  We can provide training for your staff so they can carry out simple testing on residential sprinkler systems, helping you to get the most from your fire protection equipment between annual and regular checks.

Comprehensive sprinkler servicing in the South East 


During your annual fire sprinkler inspection, we offer a range of maintenance and servicing solutions for any type of sprinkler system. This work includes but is not exclusive to:


  • Inspection of all fire sprinkler heads
  • Inspection of all ceilings and walls for indications of a weeping joint
  • Ensure all cover plates are fitted correctly
  • Check there are no signs of a leak around the head
  • Verify the head still covers the protected area, for example, has there been any modification to the room that has caused a blind spot from the sprinkler head?
  • Visible inspection of lagging (where applicable)
  • Visible inspection and testing of trace heating (where applicable)
  • The inspection and testing of alarm systems (where applicable)
  • Close inspection and testing of alarm interfaces (where applicable)
  • Detailed inspection of control systems
  • Further inspection on pump (where applicable)
  • A visible inspection of the tank (where applicable) and full commissioning test
  • Water level check
  • Look for signs of leaks
  • Test the low-level alarm


Certificates supplied and log books signed  


Following the service of a sprinkler system, a new commissioning certificate will be supplied by us and the site log book will be signed. If the system fails, or it requires any type of sprinkler repair, a full report will be issued detailing the level of work required.    



If you require servicing, repairs or ongoing maintenance for sprinkler systems in Ickenham or any area of Middlesex don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today for a no-obligation quote.

For advice and a bespoke quotation contact us now on 0800 999 3914.