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There has been a rise in the number of fatal fires caused by smoking according to the London Fire Service, and many of these incidents could have been prevented had certain precautions been taken. The vast majority of deaths in this instance are caused by spent matches, discarded lighters and cigarettes that hadn’t been extinguished properly, which started the initial fire, and claimed many lives as a result.

Had safety measures been taken, there is no doubt that the number of deaths would have been reduced.  Releasing the latest figures, London Fire Brigade claim there have been as many as 11 smoking-related fires per week, and these include at least one fire fatality every single month in 2017.

People need educating about the fire risks caused by smoking

By raising awareness of fire deaths linked to smoking, it is hoped that people will take greater responsibilities for their actions, and this should help to reduce the number of fires. Simple steps can be taken to make properties safer, and by educating people and explaining to them how many fires start at home due to smoking, a new train of thought should develop, or so the theory goes.

Community safety work by the fire service will help in this instance. Working in partnership with the wider community and speaking with local authorities and health providers, the fire service plans to stop fires before they begin working on the basis that prevention is the ideal cure.

What advice can be given?   

In many instances of fire deaths linked to smoking, people fall asleep whilst holding a lit cigarette, especially if they have been drinking. This creates a small fire which can quickly turn into a large blaze, and in many cases, people have died before an alarm is raised or help can reach them.

The advice from the fire brigade is to switch to vaping whilst indoors, and supply fire proof bedding to the most vulnerable members of society, such as the old or those with health issues.

Fire safety solutions such as smoke alarms, water mist and sprinkler systems will also save lives, and the recommendation is to have them fitted in both residential and commercial properties.

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