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London Fire Brigade reveals the hidden dangers of UK heatwave


The London Fire Brigade (LFB) has warned Londoners of the potential risk that comes with this record-breaking hot weather this summer, mirrors.

This may seem like a strange and rare cause for a house fire, but it’s more common than you think. With this unusual heat comes unusual risks – shiny and reflective objects like glass tables, crystal ornaments and mirrors can bounce sunlight onto flammable household items such as curtains, cardboard or even wallpaper; causing an unexpected fire which could possibly become fatal.

Be aware of mirrors and reflective objects


In the past 5 years, 125 fires due to sun rays and reflections have been reported. People are urged to be cautious of reflective objects left in the sunlight, especially when leaving the house for long periods of time. Each year there are a considerable amount of house fires due to makeup mirrors and paperweights left on window sills, and with this recent intense weather fire services are growing worried.

A £3.5 million house was engulfed in flames after a mirror reflected light onto curtains in a south facing bedroom, this caused severe damage to the second floor and roof. Even glass outside can put your house at risk as seen in Stoke-on-Trent; a house was consumed by flames after direct sunlight was reflected onto the semi-detached home from a glass table in the back garden. Even being aware of the risk, as is worried some people are not, could save potential damage and harm.

Everybody Loves the Sunshine Safety Tips


There are many tips for keeping your house safe in this recent heatwave, but they should be practiced all year round:

  • Establish your smoke detectors are working
  • Invest in Residential Sprinklers or Domestic Sprinkler Systems
  • Having Dry Risers
  • Locating your Fire Hydrant
  • Installing a fire suppression Mist System
  • Never leave reflective objects in direct sun
  • Spread awareness of the dangers of sun rays

Ensure your house is protected


Sprinkler systems are the most successful and common fire protection, 99% of fires are controlled by sprinkler systems in a building protected by residential or domestic sprinklers. You could reduce the risk of sun ray reflection fires in your home drastically by using the safest way possible; fire sprinklers. Domestic and residential fire sprinklers are the first call to defence in the event of a fire and minimise damage by 1/10 compared to buildings unprotected by fire sprinkler systems.

If you would like any information on how you could protect your household, and save yourself money, with our domestic sprinklers, residential sprinklers or any of our other fire protection services then don’t hesitate to call us on 0208 864 3914 to speak to a member of our helpful team. Or, if you prefer you can contact us online or email us directly at for a prompt response.

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