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BBC News published an interesting article earlier this year relating to sprinkler systems in new-build housing blocks. They report MSP, David Stewart, has invited a new member’s bill to make sprinklers mandatory in new buildings, which can only be applauded. If such a bill could be passed, it would certainly help to save lives by extinguishing fires in tower blocks before they had a chance to take hold.

Why take this action?

Since the Grenfell Tower tragedy, thousands of housing blocks have been examined and the investigation in Scotland revealed some pretty harrowing news. During the inquiry, they found hundreds of blocks which didn’t have fire-suppression systems installed, and it’s not only Scotland that is affected, it’s a common theme running through the rest of the UK.

BBC Scotland ran their investigation country-wide and established that more than 300 high-rise buildings were missing fire-suppression systems. They also established that in the 15 fatalities and 480 injuries caused by high-rise fires since 2009, only one of these started in a flat that had a sprinkler system fitted.

The evidence speaks for itself. Sprinkler systems save lives, and by fitting them in new-build properties, events like Grenfell Tower could be prevented in the future. If the proposed legislation came into place, and David Stewart’s actions were successful, councils and social landlords would be required to install automatic fire suppression systems into newly constructed social housing, with the very obvious benefits.

The British Automatic Fire Sprinkler Association fully supports this

David Stewart’s campaign has been fully backed by The British Automatic Fire Sprinkler Association and they would like sprinkler systems fitted to new-build high-rises, as well as being retrofitted to older high-rise buildings too.

Fire safety has been classified as a significant issue in Scotland, and after Grenfell, the whole of the UK needs to stand up and take notice. Residential sprinklers, dry risers & hydrants, mist systems and other items of fire suppression are life-saving solutions and fitted within domestic dwellings, make such a difference.

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