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5 Most Common Causes of House Fires and How to Avoid Them

The dangers of house fires are well known, however, with the number of firefighters reducing 21% since 2010 we need to take extra precautions and take our fire safety into our own hands. A variety of fire prevention systems can ensure your home is protected; domestic fire sprinklers and domestic sprinkler systems can not only give you peace of mind, but also an effective way to prevent damage should there be an accident in your home.

The 5 most common causes of house fires are a matter of human error; by making sure you’re aware of these causes, and by investing in quality domestic fire sprinklers, you can further protect your household and family.

  1. Kitchen Fires –

Cooking accidents are the main cause of house fires in the UK – by a large amount. Leaving cooking appliances unattended for too long can result in overheating and easily develop into a fire. By ensuring domestic sprinkler systems are installed in correct areas of your home, you can eliminate danger before it becomes potentially life-threatening.


  1. Electrical Appliance Distribution –

The second cause of house fires in the UK may be surprising. Wiring, cabling and plugs, as well as batteries and generators, all contribute to a large number of fires in the home. Whether a power point is overloaded with or a frayed electrical cord, electrical fires can be very dangerous.


FIRE TIP:There is a common misconception that sprinkler systems and electrical fires don’t mix well, however they are very effective at extinguishing electrical fires by suppressing them and preventing the fire from spreading.


  1. Smoking –

Domestic fire sprinklers are also extremely effective when extinguishing cigarette-caused fires. Cigarettes that haven’t been put out properly can quickly erupt into flames, especially in the home due to flammable furniture and surfaces, avoid smoking inside to prevent household fires.


  1. Electric Lighting –

Electrical lighting is another big cause of house fires – fairy lights, fluorescent lights,spotlights,and even Christmas tree lights can become a threat if not handled properly. The common mistake homeowners make is leaving electrical lighting on when they’re away from the house, this can cause them to overheat and result in a fire. Domestic fire sprinklers can provide protection for this when you’re unable to; saving money and lives.


  1. Candles and Matches –

This home fire hazard may seem obvious however, many homeowners in the UK still experience candle and match caused fires. Sprinkler systems can provide you with peace of mind when using candles; protecting you in the unfortunate case that you become a victim of a house fire.

There are many advantages to investing in domestic sprinkler systems and residential fire sprinklers; not only are you protecting yourself and family, but also your belongings. This is a logical way to reduce the risk of damage and save yourself money long term; sprinkler systems are effective, low cost and low maintenance.

To find out how our domestic and residential fire sprinklers and protect your home please don’t hesitate to get in touch by calling us on 0208 864 3914 today. Alternatively, you can contact us online or by email at for a prompt response on any of our fire sprinklers.

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