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What is A Water Mist System?

Water mist technologies have become an extremely common solution to storm carbon dioxide schemes, which can sometimes be hazardous for labourers. Water mist systems can do everything with the presence of small, intermediate, and high-pressure installations. They can generate a flame suppressing fog and can even replace traditional versions of commercial sprinkler systems.

Also, it is more flexible than other cooling systems. For example; conventional Air Conditioning is great for some interior locations, but would it be effective for outside locations? Definitely not. But a Water Mist System is capable of cooling both indoor and outdoor areas. Water Mist Systems are now common because it is significantly cheaper than other cooling devices, which makes it the most efficient option for most businesses. Last but not least, a trait to also consider is that water mist equipment weighs less than a standard AC machine.

Benefits of a Commercial Mist System

Misting devices provide comfort for your staff and clients without the heavy costs of operating an HVAC system. To discuss further, here are some of the advantages your company can accomplish if you opt to employ a mist system at work.

1. Protects your products and keep your clients happy.

If a mist system is not bought immediately, the rising temperature can cause lasting damage to products, materials, or ingredients. You can stretch the inventory lives of your products by keeping it from the harm of the unbearable heat. Also, customers will be more than happy with their dining experience due to the pleasant atmosphere that contradicts the hot weather.

Commercial misting technologies can also favour some businesses’ loyal client base. Hotels, for example, are able to supply cool air all over their restaurant’s dining area and lobby. Hosts may also have an option to have their dinners outdoors without having to put up with the oppressively hot weather.

2. Heightens the company’s productivity rate.

Industrial companies, especially those who operate large stores, already familiarized themselves to the heat that every summer season brings. Unfortunately, utilizing huge air conditioning systems is not sustainable for a huge space of business.

A misting system can work to cool down the place without having companies break their bank accounts. Besides, your employees will also become more efficient during their working hours since they will not be bothered by the pulsing heat.

Excellent customer service is essential to achieve and maintain good performance in almost every type of business. As a service provider, it is your responsibility to fulfil your clients’ satisfaction. Most customers only feel satisfied if they felt safe at your property during their stay, and if you met their expectations.

3. A step ahead from your competitors. 

If you decide to use commercial misting equipment as a way to appease the heat on your store/building or as a method to intensify the satisfaction of your clients, it will give you a critical advantage against your competitors. It can also encourage people to work on your company due to the extra benefits they can receive from your business. Residential Sprinklers are your specialists when it comes to water mist sprinkler systems.

Instead of working in hot places and suffering while working, those potential labourers might become productive enough if they decide to work for you. Most importantly, clients would continue to choose your brand over others because of the extra service you provide.

4. Helps to moderate air pollution and provides a clean environment for other species.

Heavy-duty misting devices help control fine particles which often come directly from fertilizing equipment, installations, and commercial work sites. Today’s commercial mist systems use state of the art technologies to ensure an elevated standard of health and wellbeing for employees who work in this kind of atmosphere.

Misting Systems are highly recommended for places where various animals or pets are held for business and personal purposes such as zoos, dairy centres, aviaries, or even at your home. Animals tend to become anxious or sick whenever the temperature gets too low or high, which is why it’s vital to provide misting systems for them to avoid feeling too much stress. Misting procedure is also an excellent form of humidifying and conducting moisture control to develop optimal conditions for plant life in greenhouses.

5. Implement faster fire protection.

Mist Systems are now commonly used as commercial fire sprinklers; despite its small droplets, water mist systems are proven to deliver protection even during massive fire situations. It is a flexible, cheap, and efficient fire-fighting tool. Water Mist is different from typical water-based solutions due to its decreased droplet volume. When a droplet of water vaporizes, it extends some 1,600 times. 

In addition, Water Mist systems have a remarkable capacity to transport water as some fine heterogeneous fog. Mists rapidly transform into steam, which then smoothens the flame and stop any oxygen from entering it even deeper. The evaporation of the mist particles produces an extensive soothing influence of combustion gases and prevents the heat’s path of flow.

For more information about Water Mist Systems, please contact Residential Sprinklers today on 0208 864 3914, or through our online contact form.

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