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Take steps to protect your family and your home

How often do you think about protecting your house from fire? Chances are there’s something you’re missing.

By March 2019, there were 29,570 housefires in England alone. At the same time, outdoor fires, largely caused or aggravated by the summer heat, rose by 25%. (Home Office, 2019) Fire safety, it’s said, begins at home, and Residential Sprinklers, Ltd. is committed to fire safety in Middlesex.

Here are a few ways you can begin.

Have the Right Equipment on Hand

One of the most important basic steps is to have key items in your home, checked, charged, and ready for use.

These items include:

  • Smoke detectors – your first line of defence. Ensure they are placed within earshot and inside each bedroom and on every floor. Test the batteries regularly and replace them as soon as needed.
  • Fire extinguishers – usually a dry chemical extinguisher to fight most fires, keep one near to each flammable point and ensure that the pressure gauge is green.
  • Fire blankets – a basic fire blanket is made of fire retardant material and can be used to quickly smother a fire that’s just started on hobs, stoves, grills, or enflamed clothing.

Have an Escape Plan

When a fire takes breaks out, you may have as little as 30 seconds to get away. To do this, a good escape plan is absolutely essential. Map the entry points of your home, likely places for a fire to start, and where your family will need to escape from.

Discuss and rehearse this plan with your family, establish a rally point outside of your home, and remind each member of your household where your extinguishers, fire blankets, and ladders are.

Install a Residential Sprinkler System

If you want to ensure the best protection possible for your home, family, and valuables, nothing beats a home sprinkler system. 

Sprinklers, discharging an average of 100 gallons per water every minute, effectively acting as a live-in firefighter. They have been proven to reduce the risk of injury to residents and firefighters, and reduce the amount of property damage should a fire break out.

If you’re being conscious of fire safety in your home, having the right knowledge and equipment will help you and your loved ones, and a sprinkler can be the most effective way to reinforce your other measures.

To find out how Residential Sprinklers can protect your home with a domestic fire sprinkler system, contact us today for a free quote with no obligations. Email us at, or to speak to us in person call us on 0208 864 3914.

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