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Any kind of house fire can prove very devastating. Each year there are well over 300,000 house fires and most of these tend to occur during the winter months, than at any other time of the year.  

But with the right kind of knowledge and preparation, you can reduce the risk of a fire occurring.  You may even want to think about installing a residential fire sprinkler system in your home.

There are many reasons why a house may catch fire, but below are the top 6 reasons fires are caused in the home over the winter period.


Cooking may be a fun and relaxing activity that brings the whole family together but is also a major cause of fires in the home.  You need to remain alert whilst you are cooking.  Certainly, at Christmas, you may find yourself getting easily distracted and turning away from what you are doing. 

It is important to remember that pots and pans can overheat very quickly and this can lead to a fire occurring.   You can, of course, help to reduce the risk of such occurring through the installation of good domestic sprinkler systems in your kitchen.


Space heaters are another common cause of fires in the home.  Often we forget to take care of them correctly after we’ve used them. Many people fail to clean them properly and this can lead up to a build up of dust inside.  

Also, we often forget about placing objects too close to them.  So you need to make sure that you keep them a distance away from any furniture or other flammable materials. Plus do not allow anyone to place anything on top of them.


Electrical failure or malfunction is another of the most common reasons why fires occur in the home.  One of the main reasons why a fire can start in a home is because the electrical circuits have become overloaded.  Also, frayed or faulty cords on electrical appliances are another reason why a fire may start in your home.    


Fires that are caused by candles are another common occurrence during the winter/Christmas period.   Often we love to burn candles as they give a lovely warm glow to a room as well as give off beautiful scents.   But you should never leave such unattended and certainly, make sure that they are kept away from small hands.

Christmas Tree

Nothing really says Christmas like a live Christmas tree, yet they are also a reason why a fire may occur. Best to make sure that it not placed too close to any fire sources, such as candles or heaters.   Also before you add the lights to your tree you need to make sure that you check that the cord isn’t frayed or any wiring or bulbs have come loose since you packed it away last year.  

Open Fires

For many people, a warm open fire makes a huge difference to the home during the winter months.  But can also be a major cause of a fire occurring in the home.   You need to be very careful and one way is to place a guard around the fire. Again by installing a good residential fire sprinkler in your home can help to reduce such from happening. 

By getting the right plans and equipment in place you can take measures to avoid a fire in your home and ensure the safety of your family.  For a free no obligation chat about the installation of domestic fire sprinklers in your home please call us on 0800 999 3914/0208 864 3914 or email us at

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